Alan Clayton Associates specialise in helping organisations achieve 'Great Fundraising.'

'Great Fundraising' is defined as large-scale, sustainable growth driven by people who are committed to your mission.

Organisations we work with include charities, non-profits, NGOs and other social purpose organisations.

We support organisations through:

  • research and publishing.

  • training seminars and training programmes.

  • consulting and mentoring.

  • creative seminars.

  • creative development of brands for fundraising, proposition and new fundraising products and campaigns.

  • creative development of fundraising campaigning and integrated communications.

  • mission development, focus and differentiation.

  • culture development programmes.

  • strategy development.

We have worked with over 350 organisations worldwide and have bases in many countries.  Please click here to see if there is a representative near you.

Our residential training centre is at the Inch, Loch Ness, Scotland.