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Legacies - the Missing €100 million

  • Dublin city centre Dublin (map)

A legacy giving seminar with Ask Direct & Legacy Voice

Legacy giving is one of the most valuable and well-established forms of giving there is – any charity looking for a long-term sustainable source of income needs to prioritise it. Yet many charities in Ireland are still not certain of how to do that: and when resources are squeezed, the amazing long-term return from legacy giving is often sacrificed for lesser short-term gain. 

That could be one of the reasons why legacy giving in Ireland is only one-third of what it could be. That’s right: figures suggest we’re missing out on at least €100 million of potential charitable income every year.

What could your organisation do with your share?

If you want to find out more about how to develop and maximise legacy income in your organisation, this seminar is for you. In one morning, we will:

  • Explore the latest research on how donors think about legacies: what motivates them, what stops them, and what they need from you

  • Inspire you with great legacy fundraising from across the sector and show you what really works (both in Ireland and beyond)

  • Encourage you to think bigger about what growth is possible for your organisation – whether you’re building on existing legacy success or starting from scratch.

You’ll leave motivated to give legacy fundraising the priority it deserves, and ready to start making it happen. Click here to book.