Australia and New Zealand

Our partner agency is Robejohn, a full service direct response agency for fundraising organisations with associated fundraising consultancy.  We spend three months a year in Australia/NZ providing seminars and creative services with Robejohn, and provide a consulting creative director service year round.



ASK Direct are our partners in the Republic of Ireland.  ASK are a full service direct response agency, with a complementing high level fundraising consultancy.


In Finland, our partners are Radical Soul.  Radical Soul are a fundraising consultancy, communications consultancy and capacity building partner only working with charities and NGOs.



In Holland, our strategic partner is Nassau Fundraising, who have expanded well beyond their original specialism of major donor fundraising.



Our longest partnership is with Profundo, the full service agency based in Kristiansand.  We have recently supported Profundo in the creation of Profundo Creative Services.  We provide seminars several times a year and a consulting creative director service all year round.


United Kingdom

In the UK, our subsidiary, Revolutionise Fundraising and Branding, provides a very specialised capacity-building follow-up service with clients who have completed training or creative seminars.

Specialist Partner: Corporate Partnerships

Based in the UK and working internationally, Remarkable Partnerships specialises in helping clients research, plan, create and deliver mission driven partnerships with commercial organisations.

Specialist Partner: Legacies

UK based international agency Legacy Voice researches, provides insights and strategies and creates marketing campaigns to drive the gifts which are most important to clients and donors alike.